"Zelf(in)beeld" (autoportraits)


By portraying myself in the picture, I look very precise at the light and composition, these two things are elements that I am strongly involved with. Of course there is often a deep meaning in many images, a person I love who has passed away, a friendship that deteriorates, yet another nosebleed that leads to frustration. I then take these frustrations out on the wrong people... Everyone reads my images differently and that is why there is not one meaning behind the image.

It's what you feel when you look at it. A shadow or a vague sketch of myself on a white background can go down to the fact that I am less busy with time or about that sometimes society evolves just a little too fast for me and that I just don't want to participate in it at that moment. I like to be a fly in a room and when my image hangs on a wall in a room I am a bit of a fly in the room looking down on its surroundings.


"Het leven zoals het is, Rotterdamer Strasse, Köln"


Marnix Krekels took his camera to Cologne in 2019 to make a reportage about the Rotterdammerstrasse. The interplay of lines and the bright but soft yellow facades gave him the inspiration for this series. It appealed to him to step to the front door of these people. He seeks the beauty in people's homes. He photographs the people and asks them to continue doing exactly what they were doing before the bell rang and he was allowed into the world of this different group of people.



Marnix Krekels had the pleasure of driving along with the Antwerp ambulance and thus being able to paint a picture of their profession. Out of respect, this series does not portray victims. It was also forbidden to photograph the doctors, fire brigade and pit employees. After shooting this series it was clear that they have a tough profession with a lot of variety.